Frida Kahlo and her husband Diego Riviera lived in the house with ____ walls, tall windows and ____ surrounded by trees. It is one of ____ places in Mexico . The entrance is guarded by ____nearly ____ tall. As you walk past them, you enter a garden with ____ . When you go inside the house the first room is ____living room. Now this room is a Gallery where some of ____ can be seen. ____ in the kitchen was painted bright yellow to stop ____ . There is a ____ where Frida and Diego often ____ , and a yellow dresser holding traditional ____ Everywhere in the house you can ____. Upstairs Frida's ____ are still on the worktable in her studio . In Diego's bedroom you can see ____ and ____ . In another bedroom there is a cupboard with ____ door, which contains one of the colourful Mexican dresses which Frida loved wearing.



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