What is history? Work in group and make your own definition., What do you know about the history of your country?, What do you know about world history? Name some important events., Do/did you like History as a school subject? Explain why (not)., Which period of history interests you most?  How many periods from history can you name?, What are the most important events in your country’s history? What happened?, When was the last time you went to a history museum? Did you enjoy it? Who did you go with?, According to you, what were the most important historical events of the last century?, In your opinion, who were the most important figures in history? Explain., Which historic figure would you most like to meet? Why?  What would you ask him/her?, What are the most important historical sites in your country? Where are they and what can you see or do there?, Which recent event(s) might be called historic? Explain why., ‘Studying history is useless. Why waste time on things we cannot change anyway?’ Do you agree?, If you had a time machine, which period in history would you like to go back to? Why?, Imagine it’s the year 2100 and are asked to describe the history of the 21st century. What might have happened?, Which historical films have you seen? Talk about one., Have you read any historical novels? if yes, what are they?, “We learn from history that we learn nothing from history.” (G.B. Shaw) Explain. Do you agree?, Do you think History school books tell the same all over the world? Why or why not?.




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