a badly paid job - work where you don't get high salary, to earn a salary - to get money for work monthly, wages - the money you earn, shift  - the night or the day period when a person works, to work overtime - to work late/to work after the usual time needed in a job, self-employed - not working for a company, to work flexible hours - to choose the time of your work by yourself, to get a pay rise - to start getting more money for your work, a day off - a day when you don't work, a paid holiday - a vacation when you don't work and your boss still pays you , retire - quit working reaching certain age over 60, fill in the application form - write your personal information to get a job, take on - employ more staff, take over - take control of something, set up - start a business/ organisation, make an arrangement - plan something, to be in charge of - to be responsible for, make a complaint - be unsatisfied with the service , reach an agreement - come to consensus ,



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