manoeuvre - There's (little) room for * = It's difficult to make changes., costs - Sometimes the parties involved in negotiations want to win at all *., hassle - Some clauses may not be worth the * - they are too unimportant to argue about., deadlock - When no party is prepared to compromise, it's a *., blackmail - Some negotiators will go so far as to use emotional *, for example, make the other side feel guilty in order to get what they want., compromise - An agreement that partially satisfies both sides is called a *., zero - A *-sum game is a negotiation where one side wins and the other loses., win - Ideally, every negotiation should be a win-* situation which both sides involved benefit from., single - A *-issue negotiation is one where only one topic is discussed., one - Something that is only offered once is a *-off deal., term - A long-* relationship/ partnership is one that lasts., head - Skilled negotiators are able to avoid direct, *-on conflict. ,

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