Present Simple: привычки, повторяющиеся действия, + V/ V-s ( (he,she, it), -: don't /doesn't  V (he,she, it), Questions: Do.. . V? Does...(he,she, it) V?, markers: always/usually/, often/sometimes/never, every day/ week/ month/ year, Lara always gets up at 7 o'clock., I don't drink tea in the morning., She is usually late for school., We go to school every day., He doesn't often watch TV., Present Continuous: действия сейчас, , + am/is/are+ V-ing, - am not/aren't/isn't+ Ving, Questions: Are/Is/Am... V-ing, Markers: now, at the moment, this week/ these days/ tonight, He is playing with his friends outside., Mike isn't doing his homework now., Are they reading a book at the moment?, I am listening to the teacher., My friends are going to school now., меняющиеся ситуации,

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