Would you _________abroad? Why? / Why not? (consider / study), What would you _________ if you went to live in another country? What else would you miss? (miss / eat), Do you __________ what to do by other people? (mind / be told), Have you ever ___________ something a parent or teacher told you to do? (refuse / do), Have you ever_____________ something wrong? (prevent someone / do), What sports do you ___________? Which do you ? (enjoy / watch, like / play), Have you ever_____________ something for someone? What? Why? (offer / buy), Who was the last person you ____________? What did you do / are you going to do together? (arrange / meet), Have you ever ________________sport? What happened? (hurt yourself / play), When was the last time you ___________ ? Were they any good? (hear your parents / sing), What do you ___________for your birthday? And what do you __________? (hope / get, expect / get), Do you ____________to school for the first time? What do you remember? (remember / go), Have you ever ___________someone but then not done it? (promise / help), Have you ever____________ ? Or has it happened to you? (catch someone / lie), Have you ever______________ you at something? (challenge someone / beat), How often are you_____________ during the week? Until what time? (allow / go out).

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