1) I have guitar lessons ..... a) right now b) twice a week c) yesterday 2) Dolphins .... in the water. a) lived b) live c) are living 3) I ... George last week. a) saw b) am seeing c) see 4) She ... an hour ago. a) leaved b) left c) leaves 5) ... you often meet your friends?  a) Did b) Do c) Are 6) Be quiet! We ... to listen to the teacher. a) are trying b) tried c) try 7) What ... you do last week? a) did b) are c) do 8) Does John ... at the university? a) studying b) study c) studies 9) When ... Walt Disney die? a) does b) is c) did 10) The boys ... working on their project now. a) aren't b) don't c) didn't





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