Have been - I (be) at school this week., Travelled - Sally (travel) to London last summer., Has Tom played - .... football with his friends for a week?, Swam - Helen (swim) in the river two hours ago., haven't done - We (not/do) our school project yet., has gone - He never (go) to Viena., had - My great great grandfather (have) five sisters., lived - Bob (live) in Manila for a year when he was a student., have lost - Oh no! I (lose) my phone., Have seen - (See) you Julie today?, played - At the weekend, they (play) footbal., haven't been - They (not/ be) to a restaurant for ages., have read - I (read) six books this week., studied - Amy ( study) in Portugal when she was young., visited - Ann (visit) her grandmother last month., has lived - She (live) in seven different countries, so she knows a lot about different cultures., went - I (go) to the cinema last night., has cut - Ow! He (cut) my finger!, has never understood  - Johnny (never/understand) the present perfect., broke - She (break) her leg the day before her exam., saw - We (see) Oliver yesterday., has been - He (be) here all morning., haven't seen - We (not/see) for ages., ate - I (eat) a sandwich for breakfast yesterday.,

Past Simple vs. Present Perfect




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