1) You ______ make noise. (It's forbidden) a) mustn't b) can't c) doesn't have to 2) Stop watching TV. You_______ do your homework. a) can b) must c) have to 3) Steve doesn't ______ walk the dog. a) have to b) must c) can 4) Sue _____ watch this film. It's too boring. a) must b) have to c) can't 5) We __________ be late for the lesson. a) can't b) mustn't c) doesn't have to 6) At school we __________ ask for help. a) must b) mustn't c) can 7) We __________ talk at the lesson. a) can't b) must c) mustn't 8) At school we __________ ask teacher a question. a) can b) can't c) mustn't

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