1) The Queen lives in a ... a) palace b) tent c) cottage 2) John helped me put the .... up a) cottage b) tent c) palace 3) He lives in a block of ... a) cats b) pets c) flats 4) You..... pay your rent every month. a) must b) can c) can't 5) She likes working out in the... a) theater b) gym c) cinema 6) There are nice pictures in the ....... a) cinema b) library  c) art gallery 7) Let' go and see the animals in the... a) fast food restaurant b) park c) zoo 8) I must return these books to the ... a) cinema b) zoo c) library 9) They are having a picnic in the... a) park b) shop c) school  10) He is the ...... singer in the town a) goodest b) best  c) baddest 11) It's the .....restaurant in town! a) most expensive b) expensivest c) more expensive 12) I like to shop at the ..... a) aquarium b) department store c) stadium 13) The beach is too..... at the weekend a) cheap b) serious c) crowded 14) Silver is much ..... than gold a) the cheapest b) cheaper c) cheap





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