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Mahatma Gandhi - civil rights activist, Abraham Lincoln - President of the United States, World's first website - 1991, Berners-Lee - founded the www (world wide web), Context - the setting (time and place) for an event, Skimming - running your eyes quickly over a text, Scanning - using key words to find specific information, Biographical - dealing with the life story of a particular person, Imagery is... - language designed to conjure up a picture in the reader's mind, Classifying - arranging information in classes or categories, An adjective is... - a word that describes a noun, Used to build context or backup an argument - facts, Creates an emotional connection to the reader - opinion, Evacuation - the removal of children, Billeted - given a place to stay, Hovel - a small place in poor condition, How many children arrived in Bletchley - 17,000, Good presenters uses...  - their voice and tone,  A simple sentences is one that... - contains one subject and one verb, A compound sentence is one that... - contains equally weighted simple sentences, A complex sentence is one that... - has a subordinate clause which adds to the main clause, A clause is... - a group of words that includes a verb, A subordinate clause is... - a clause in a sentence that does not make sense on its own, A conditional clause... - usually uses 'if' and 'unless', A relative clause is... - connected to the main clause by which, that, whom, etc., A point of view is... - a personal opinion or a way of looking at something, A blog is... - an informal webpage, Being bionic means... - you are made stronger by artificial electronic devices, Delineate means to... - describe something exactly, Emotive language results in... - the reader feeling an emotion like anger, happiness or sad,

Quiz #1 - Chapter 1 Topics 1 to 8



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