1) How many bones do we have in our skeleton ? a) 203 b) 206 c) 300 2) Why do you think the skull is important ? a) It is the biggest bone . b) Our heart is in it. c) It protects the brain. 3) What parts of your body do you think the ribs surround ? a) brain, heart b) intestine,kidney c) heart,lungs 4) Some animals don't have skeleton. Which animals below do not have skeleton ? a) jellyfish b) snake c) dog 5) Humans have spine .We are .......... . a) invertebrate b) fracture c) vertebrate 6) Where is the smallest bone in human body ? a) tongue b) ear c) toe 7) When muscles get shorter ,they pull on the bones they are joined to . We say that muscles ........... . a) contract b) relax c) x-ray 8) Bones are ...... and rigid but muscles are ........ and elastic. a) hard , liquid b) soft , hard c) hard , soft 9) Why is the heart a special muscle ? a) It pumps blood. b) It isn't joined to any bones. c) It is as big as your fist . 10) When there is a fracture on your bone , doctors put it in a ....... . a) cast b) glasses c) medicine




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