1) She __________ to London. a) has been b) have been c) was d) gone 2) They __________ that car 5 days ago. a) have seen b) has seen c) have saw d) saw 3) John and Simon __________ football last week. a) is playing b) were playing c) played d) have played 4) Mark __________ shepherd's stew yet. a) has tried b) hasn't tried c) tried d) have tried 5) Susan __________ her grandma last weekend. a) visit b) was c) didn't visit d) has visited 6) They __________ in this house since 2010. a) haven't lived b) didn't live c) didn't lived d) hasn't lived 7) __________ you go shopping yesterday? a) Did b) Have c) Are d) Was 8) __________ they in Berlin last week? a) Did b) Have c) Are d) Were 9) He __________ already __________ that book. a) have ... read b) has ... read c) did ... read d) was ... read 10) He __________ his homework yesterday. a) done b) hasn't done c) doing d) didn't do 11) Mr. Rose __________ here for 15 years. a) have lived b) lived c) has lived d) live 12) I __________ a new dress yesterday. a) have bought b) bought c) has bought d) buy 13) Sam __________ anything since 8 o'clock this morning. a) ate b) didn't eat c) haven't eaten d) hasn't eaten 14) __________ you __________ me last night? a) Have ... called b) Did ... call c) Did ... called d) Has ... called 15) They __________ married in 2001. a) gotten b) have got c) has gotten d) got 16) I __________ Monica in ages. a) hasn't seen b) didn't see c) haven't seen d) didin't saw 17) Ella __________ her homework yet.  a) didn't finish b) haven't finish c) not finish d) hasn't finished 18) Last year, the Smiths __________ to New Zealand. a) have travelled b) tavelled c) has travelled d) travel 19) I __________ how to ride a bike when I was 3.  a) learned b) has learned c) have learnt d) learn 20) __________ you ever __________ a surgery? a) Did ... have b) Has ... had c) Do ... have d) Have ... had




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