1) Southeast region has _____________________ in the highlands. a) Mountains, valleys, rolling hills, and plateaus b) Beaches, marshes, swamps, and wetlands c) Deserts and droughts d) Glaciers and Icebergs 2) Southeast Region has __________________in the lowlands. a) Mountains, valleys, rolling hills, and plateaus b) Beaches, marshes, swamps, and wetlands c) Deserts and droughts d) glaciers and Icebergs 3) The _________________is where many waterfalls are found. a) beach b) marsh c) fall line d) rolling hills e) wetlands f) swamps 4) Swamps and wetlands are created from this _______________________. a) rain b) fall line c) natural disaster d) ocean tides e) people f) drought 5) Both ____________________ and ______________________ are found in the Everglades swamps. a) dinosaurs and alligators b) alligators and crocodiles c) endangered birds and hippos d) waterfalls and plateaus e) alligators and elephants f) crocodiles and hippos 6) The Southeast Region is located _____________________________. a) at the equator b) far away from the equator c) near the equator d) below the equator e) west of the equator f) east of the equator 7) The highland of the Southeast regions has ___________________________. a) storms and tornadoes b) tropical storms and hurricanes c) avalanches and landslides d) drought and glaciers e) hurricanes and earthquakes f) floods and glaciers 8) The Southeast Region's weather is__________________________. a) warm summers and harsh winters b) same temperature all year c) hot tropical summers and long freezing winters d) hot, humid summers and short mild winters e) short hot summer and warm winters 9) Tropical storms and hurricanes can cause ___________________ in the lowlands. a) glaciers b) drought c) floods d) landslides e) earthquakes f) volcanic eruptions 10) Land being used for farming, raising animals, lumber, and mining are examples of____________________________. a) natural disasters b) natural resources c) nature d) regions e) location f) pollution 11) The rivers empty into ________________________ in the Southeast Region. a) Indian Ocean b) Pacific Ocean c) Atlantic Ocean d) Streams e) waterfalls f) mountains 12) The Mississippi Rivers flows down to and empties into the _________________________. a) Gulf of Mexico b) Indian Ocean c) Pactific Ocean d) mountains e) valley f) plateau 13) True or False: Landmarks can be important places from history. a) True b) False 14) True or False: Each state has different landmarks. a) true b) false 15) One of Florida's landmarks that is visited each year by thousands of people is: a) Coca-Cola Factory b) Disney World c) Dollywood d) Charleston e) Myrtle Beach f) Apple Festival 16) Culture from the mountain area includes this form of music: a) jazz b) pop c) country d) bluegrass e) gullah f) blues 17) This music is based on the feelings that people have during times of hardship. a) jazz b) pop c) gullah d) bluegrass e) orchestra f) blues 18) This food is a tradition in the Southeast region because of the salt marshes and oceans areas. a) collard greens b) bbq c) peanuts d) seafood e) cornbread f) peaches 19) Gullah language is a blend of English and tribal language from which country? a) Africa b) South America c) China d) Australia e) India f) France 20) Gullah language is found in the coastal zone of which state? a) Virginia b) Kentucky c) North Carolina d) Florida e) South Carolina f) Tenessee





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