Prime Meridian - Located at 0* longitude, Equator - Located at 0* latitude, Pangaea - Supercontinent that is a part of Continental Drift Theory, Topographic Map - Shows changes in elevation through the use of contour lines, Physical Map - Shows geographic features such as land and water , Thematic Map - Shows information centered around one topic, Mercator Projection - Used by ship navigators; distorted at the poles, Robinson Projection - Used by regular people; has curved lines of longitude, Polar Projection - Used by airplane pilots; circular map that is distorted at the equator, Mental Mapping - Using an image of an area in your head to describe a location or how to get somewhere, Absolute Location - The exact spot where something can be found; uses lat/long coordinates or a physical address, Relative Location - Describes where something is located, Movement - Theme of geography that describes the movement of people, place, things, or ideas, Place - Theme of geography that talks about what makes an area unique, Human Environmental Interaction - Theme of geography that describes how people adapt to the world around them to suit their needs, Ring of Fire - Area around the Pacific Ocean where most of Earth's active volcanoes can be found, Tsunami - Earthquake that causes a large tidal wave from the ocean/sea, Tributary - A smaller river that flows into a larger river/body of water, Plateau - An area of raised elevation with a flat top, Plain - A large area of flat land, Delta - An area of soil deposit found at the mouth of a river, Source - The beginning of a river, Mouth - The end of a river, Seismograph - Instrument used to measure the strength of earthquakes, Richter Scale - Tells you how strong an earthquake is, Compass Rose - Helps you orient yourself on a map, Map Key - Indicates what symbols on a map mean, Map Scale - Helps measure the relative distance from one place to another on a map, Peninsula - Land surrounded by water on three sides, Sea - Body of salt water that is smaller than an ocean,





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