1) what does seine Meinung sagen mean in german a) to jump b) to fall c) to eat d) to voice my opinion e) to speak out  f) to be quite 2) how do you say I believe in german a) ich gesister b) ich glaube c) ich meinung d) ich glauebe e) ich glaub f) glauben 3) what does bevorzugen me in german a) to hate b) to like c) to dislike d) to not dislike e) to like a lot f) to favor  4) hassen means a) to dislike b) to not dislike c) to favor d) to like e) to hate f) to be mad 5) Zu empfehlen means a) nothing b) to advise  c) to not give advise d) to be rude e) to eat f) hassen 6) Am anfang means a) at the start b) at the beginning c) to start  d) to end  e) am ende f) lesse 7) obwohl means a) alright b) although c) all the way d) althought e) althugh f) althogh 8) wuetend means a) aggravation b) to be angry c) angry d) happy e) to be happy f) to be sad 9) laut means a) loud b) slow c) little d) small e) fast f) big 10) stolz means a) proude b) proud c) prod d) pond e) proul f) prop




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