estábamos - We used to be in school for class., queríamos - We wanted to buy a new car., era - Grandpa used to be a firefighter., tocaba - She used to play the clarinet., bailaban - They used to dance the Cha-cha., hablabas - Were you (fam) talking?, hacía - David was doing his work., comíamos - We were eating in a restaurant., acababan - They were finishing the story., ganaba - She used to win every game., quería - You (form) used to want lots of money., iban - Mark and Bob used to go to the park., tenía - I used to have a lot of work to do., tenían - The girls had bicycles., sabíamos - We used to know the answer., sabíais - You guys knew how to do that well., dormías - You (fam) were sleeping in your clothes., dormían - You all used to sleep until noon., escuchaba - Bob was listening to her., eran - My parents were mad.,

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