suburb - small, residential communities outside cities , GI Bill of Rights - offered World War II veterans an education (college or trade school) and low interest loans to buy houses , baby boom - increase in birth rate after World War II through the 1960's , consumerism - buying material goods , urban renewal - tearing down older buildings and replacing with new, Cold War - conflict between US and USSR without fighting directly on a battlefield , United Nations - post WW 2 peacekeeping body to replace League of Nations , containment - taking measures to prevent the spread of communisms , Truman Doctrine - US will support countries fighting communism , Marshall Plan - rebuilding of Europe after WW 2 , Korean War - first Cold War test of containment between US and USSR. Fought over Korea and ended in a stalemate , McCarthyism - Political and personal attacks on suspected communism led by Senator McCarthy , House Un-American Activities Committee - AKA HUAC - Committee to instigate communism in the movie industry , NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Alliance / created to combat communism in Europe, Warsaw Pact - defense treaty of communist countries created to defend against NATO ,




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