1) The passing of traits from parent to offspring a) Allele b) Heredity c) Genetics 2) The different forms a gene may have for a trait a) Recessive b) Homozygous c) Allele 3) The study of how traits are inherited a) Genetics b) Dominant c) Heterozygous 4) The form of a trait that appears to mask another form of the same trait a) Recessive b) Dominant c) Genotype 5) The form of a trait that seems to disappear in a population, but can reappear a) Rcessive b) Dominant c) Genotype 6) A tool used to predict results in Mendelian genetics a) Probability b) Punnett Square c) Genetic engineering 7) The genetic makeup of an organism, alleles are used to describe this a) Phenotype b) Genetics c) Genotype 8) An organism with two identical alleles for a trait a) Heterozygous b) Homozygous 9) An organism with two different alleles for a trait a) Heterozygous b) Homozygous 10) A physical trait that shows as a result of a particular genotype a) Genotype b) Phenotype c) Characteristic 11) The production of a phenotype that is intermediate to those of the two homozygous parents a) Dominance b) Incomplete dominance c) Co-dominance 12) This scientist is considered the "father of genetics" a) Charles Darwin b) Isaac Newton c) Gregor Mendel 13) When a group of gene pairs act together to produce a single trait a) Polygenic Inheritance b) Heredity c) Multiple allele 14) An allele inherited on a sex chromosome a) Phenotype b) Gene c) Sex linked 15) A tool for tracing the occurrence of a trait in a family a) Family Tree b) Pedigree c) Map 16) A branch of mathematics that helps you predict the chance that something will happen a) Algebra b) Geometry c) Probability 17) An organism that always produces the same traits in its offspring a) Purebred b) Hybrid c) Mutant 18) In this case, only one allele in the genotype is seen in the phenotype. a) Complete Dominance b) Incomplete dominance c) Multiple alleles 19) The case where both alleles in the genotype are seen in the phenotype a) Complete dominance b) Incomplete dominance c) Codominance 20) An allele that has more than two allele forms within a population a) Genotype b) Multiple Alleles c) Complete dominance





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