Great Rift Valley - Stretches from Syria in Southwest Asia to Mozambique in the southeastern part of Africa., Rift Valley - A large depression in the Earth's surface formed by shifting tectonic plates., Faults - Fractures in the Earth's crust., Lake Tanganyika - One of the deepest and longest freshwater lakes in the world, lies on the western branch., Escarpments - Steep, Often jagged cliffs., Cataracts - Waterfalls, Ruwenzori Mountains - Divide Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo., Drakensberg Range - Located in South Africa and Lesotho., Lake Victoria - Largest lake in Africa, is located between the eastern and western branches of the Great Rift., Desertification - Occurs when long periods of drought and land use destroy the vegetation., Niger River - Located in Guinea, this "great river" extends 2,600 miles in length. , Delta - Triangular section of land formed by sand and silt carried downriver., Zambezi River - This river meets the ocean in a delta, and starts near the Zambia-Angola border in the west and the Indian ocean in the east, where it fans out into a delta that is 37 miles wide. it is 2,200 miles in length., Victoria Falls - At the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe, the Zambezi plummets a sheer 335 feet., Congo river - This river reaches the sea through an estuary which is 7 mile long which adds onto the 2,700 miles it already has for waterway purposes, Estuary - Passage where freshwater meets seawater., Leach - the dissolving of and carrying away, nutrients from the soil., Savannah - Tropical grassland scattered with trees which covers most of Africa., Harmattan - Hot, dry air streams in from the Sahara on a northeast trade wind., Serengeti Plain - One of the world's largest Savannah plains., Sahel - Northern steep; name means "shore" or "edge" in Arabic., Namib Desert - A place with rocks, dunes and sparse desert plants., Kalahari Desert - Occupies eastern Namibia, most of Botswana, and part of South Africa., Chad - Country in South Africa with 100 ethnic groups in the country., Sudan - Country in South Africa with a high population density along the Nile., Mandé - Major ethnic group in Mali and Senegal, Wolof - Major ethnic group in Senegal, Hausa - Major ethnic group in Niger, Domesticated - Tamed, Kush - Kingdom that is now Sudan, reached it's rule into northern Egyptian territory., Axum - Trading empire in Ethiopia, Songhai Empire - Grew rich from the gold-for-salt trade, Started in the western empire of Ghana, Mali empire - Grew rich from the gold-for-salt trade, Had it's center at Timbucktu., Timbucktu - Center of the Mali Empire, Dafur - Region that holds an estimated 1.8 million displaced people., Oral Tradition - The practice of passing down stories from generation to generation., Patriarchal - Family headed by a male family member., Clans - Large groups of people descended from an early common ancestor., Nuclear Family - Family consisting of Husband, Wife and Children., Sanitation - Disposal of waste products, Bantu - A majority ethnic group in Uganda and Tanzania, Hutu - A majority ethnic group in Rwanda and Burundi., Kenya + Ethiopia - Countries that have grown for trade., Somalia - Country that has 60% of it's population that is nomadic or seminomadic., Lingua Franca - Common language spoken through out a sub region., Eritrea - Country which has it's primary language as Arabic., Nigeria - A densely populated country that expireinced rapid growth., Niger - Country where rapid growth is leading to competition between farmers and herders for natural resources, including land., Urbinization - Movement from rural areas to cities., Service centers - Convenient business locations for rural dwellers who travel there by foot, bus, or boat, Gambia - Country where 60% of the population lives in villages., Senegal - Country where half of the population is rural, Bioko - An island where people of the fang ethnic group speak the bantu language and are divided into 67 clans., pidgin - a simplified speech used among people who speak different languages, coup d'etat - an overthrow of the government., Apartheid - Seperation of the races, Universal sufferage - Voting rights for all citezens,





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