IONIC COMPOUND: Consist of a metal bonded to a nonmetal, consist of two oppositely charged ions, electrons are transferred from the cation to the anion, Do NOT include prefixes, "I give e-, I get" (electrons), Potassium oxide, Iron (III) oxide, Lead (IV) phosphate, Sodium chloride, AlBr3, ZnSO4, Cu3(PO4)2, (NH4)2SO4, A polyatomic ion is present, A metal or NH4+1 is present, A Roman Numeral is present in the name, COVALENT COMPOUND: Consist of only nonmetals bonded together, electrons are shared between atoms, Names include prefixes, "Cooperate" (and share), Carbon dioxide, Trinitrogen pentoxide, Sulfur trioxide, Carbon tetrafluoride, No metals are present, No ions/charges are involved, PCl3, CH4, N2O3, Br2, S8, C2H5OH,




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