1) this group favors maintaining traditions and institutions, and limited government influence a) What is Conservatism b) What is Progressivsim c) what is Liberalism d) What is Communisim 2) she was the first woman Justice on the U.S. Supreme Court and was nominated by President Ronald Reagan a) who is Ruth Bader Ginsburg b) who is Sonia Sotomayor c) who is Sandra Day O'Connor d) who is Elena Kagan 3) this geographical region of the U.S. has seen increased population growth due to its growing economy and wonderful climate a) what is the Arctic b) what is the sun belt c) what is the rust belt d) what is the tropics 4) this geographic region has seen a decline in its population because of the loss of industrial jobs a) what is the arctic b) what is the sun belt c) what is the rust belt d) what is the tropics 5) this policy suggest that the U.S. would not simply confine itself to the containment of Communism; it would attempt to "roll back" by aiding anti - communist "freedom fighters" a) what is the eisenhower doctrine b) what is the reagan doctrine c) what is the truman doctrine d) what is the marshall plan 6) this term refers to the use of bombing, assassination, kidnapping, or other acts of terror to ensure that a political group's voice is heard and governments will yield to their demands (appease) a) what is violence b) what is patriotism c) what is nationalism d) what is terrorism 7) in 1983, a suicide bomber attacked and killed 241 U.S. Marines and 58 French paratroopers in Beirut. a) what is iran contra affair b) what is the Oklahoma City bombing c) what is the bombing in of the U.S. marine barracks inLebanon d) what is 9/11 8) this was a secretly plan that allowed Israel to negotiate with Lebanon for U.S. Hostages and quietly sold arms to iran and the profits were given to the Contras "freedom fighters" in Nicaragua a) what is the Iran Hostage Crisis b) what is the Iran Contra Affair c) what is 9/11 d) what is the terrorist bombing in Lebanon 9) this dealt with the problem of illegal immigrants in the U.S. by "legalizing" illegal aliens who had lived continuously in the U.S. since 1981 a) what is the Mexican Repatriation b) what is the Mazzoli-Simpson Act c) what is Chinese Exclusion Act d) what is the Dawes Act 10) this economic policy reversed the trend of large government, cut taxes on business and the wealthy, relaxed regulations on businesses, increased military spending, a) what is a recession b) what is Reaganonimcs c) what is free enterprise d) what is communisim




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