Tuskegee Airmen - First African American air force unit, flew many combat missions in North Africa and Europe, D-Day - Refers to the invasions of France by Allied troops who crossed the English Channel on June 6, 1944. This invasion began the liberation of Western Europe from German control., Island Hopping - The Allied strategy of retaking strategic Pacific Islands from the Japanese during the World War 2, Concentration Camp - During World War 2, Germany imprisoned Jews and other people, Holocaust - The systematic genocide, or destruction, of Europe's Jews during World War 2, in which about six million Jews died, V-E Day - Victory in Europe Day (May 8, 1945), was the day Germany surrendered, ending World War 2 in Europe, Manhattan Project - The code name for the United States' secret scientific and military effort during World War 2 to develop an atomic bomb, V-J Day - The day that Japan surrendered inn World War 2 (August 14, 1945),





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