1) Creo que sí. a) i think so b) i don't know 2) Creo que no a) i don't think so b) it may be 3) En mi opinión a) in my opion b) the facts show 4) Es buena idea a) it's a good idea b) its a possibility 5) mala idea a) bad idea b) not a chance 6) Me parece que a) it seems to me b) in my perspective 7) encantar a) to delight b) to conquer 8) importar a) to be important b) to come last 9) interesar a) to interest b) to disinterest 10) recomendar (ie) a) to recommend b) to not tell 11) Está abierto(a). a) its open b) it could be 12) Está cerrado(a). a) it's closed b) its half way




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