Period 2 (1607-1754): Spanish, French, Dutch, and British colonizers, New England, Middle, Chesapeake, N. Carolina, Southern colonies, British West Indies, Indentured servants, Puritans, Metacom/King Philip's War, Pueblo Revolt, Great Awakening, Enlightenment, Anglicization, Period 3 (1754-1800): Seven Years War/French&Indian , Virtual representation, Republicanism, Thomas Paine’s Common Sense , American Revolution , Declaration of Independence , "republican motherhood" , Articles of Confederation, Constitutional Convention , Federalist/Anti-Federalists, The Bill of Rights , George Washington's Presidency, John Adam's Presidency, Federalist Party, Democratic Republicans/Thomas Jefferson and James Madison , Period 4 (1800-1848): Marshall Court , Democrats, Whigs, The American System, Market Revolution, Second Great Awakening, Romanticism , Abolition , Seneca Falls Convention , Louisiana Purchase , Monroe Doctrine , Missouri Compromise , Jacksonian Democracy, Judicial Review,

Must Know Terms Categorizing (Periods 2-4)





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