Mendez v. Westminster - 1947 case which ruled the segregation of children of a single race was not permitted if not required by a specific state law in California, Plessy v. Ferguson - an 1896 Supreme Court case in which the Supreme Court ruled that separation of the races in public accomodations was legal; established the ''separate but equal'' doctrine, Delgado v. Bastrop - 1948 court case which ruled that separation of Mexican children from the same race in Texas without a specific state law was a violation, Edgewood v. Kirby - 1984 Supreme Court case that ordered the state of Texas to create a more equitable school finance system, Sweatt v. Painter - 1950 Supreme Court case that ruled the law school at the University of Texas failed to set up a ''separate but equal'' facility, White v. Regester - 1973 Supreme Court case ruling that legislators cannot set up multi-member districts, Roe v. Wade - 1973 Supreme Court case which ruled that a woman has the right to privacy and the right to end her pregnancy in the first 3 months if she chooses to do so, Hernandez v. Texas - 1954 Supreme Court case that ruled that Mexican Americans formed a separate class that was entitled to protection under the 14th Amendment, Brown v. Board of Education - 1954 case in which the Supreme Court ruled that ''separate but equal'' education for black and white students was unconstitutional, Scopes ''Monkey'' Trial - A sensational 1925 court case in which a biology teacher was tried for challenging a Tennessee law that outlawed the teaching of evolution, Wisconsin v. Yoder - 1972 Supreme Court case that ruled the Amish children could not be required to complete the mandatory education after 8th grade, Tinker v. Des Moines - 1969 Supreme Court case which ruled that symbolic speech in public schools was protected by the US Constitution (students wore black armbands in protest of the Vietnam War),

Key Supreme Court Decisions in USH




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