1) What was the 2nd Red Scare? a) A place where people can go to protect themselves from blasts and explosions, like those from nuclear bombs. b) Anti-Communist fear in the United States that ran throughout most of 1950s & 1960s. c) The societal norms people conformed to during the 1950s. d) The state of having a great deal of money or wealth. 2) What is an example of a sexist gender role that Americans conform to during the 1950s? a) Women were restricted to living and working at the home. b) Men were forced by women to cook and clean. c) Children were forced to fight their dads in order to be considered teenagers. d) Dogs were worshiped by all men and women. 3) What is one way that seeds of change were planted in society during the 1950s? a) Women were forced to work in factories. b) Teenagers began to form their own identity and culture. c) African Americans were forced back into slavery. d) Schooling and Education got worse. 4) Which of these individual(s) fueled fear of Communist Spies in society? a) William Levitt b) President Dwight D. Eisenhower c) Julius and Ethel Rosenberg d) President John F. Kennedy 5) Which is an example of something Americans conformed to during the 1950s? a) Rock and Roll Music b) The Vietnam War c) Helicopters d) Fashion Styles 6) What two concepts of the 1950s does this image display? a) Consumerism and its relation to the ideal "American Dream". b) The space race and it's relation to affluence. c) Car culture and it's relation to teenagers. d) None of the above 7) What were the names of living areas created by William Levitt (called Levittowns)? a) Suburbs b) Dumbbell Tenements c) L-Block d) Urban Core 8) What was the name of a person born from 1946-1964 when a rapid birth rate increase took place? a) Zoomers b) Millenials c) TikTok'ers d) Baby Boomers 9) Who was the author of the book The Feminine Mystique? a) Harry Truman b) Alger Hiss c) Joseph McCarthy d) Betty Friedan 10) What was McCarthyism? a) The military tactic of gathering resources before another country can. b) Baseless accusations of individuals considered secret communist in the U.S. Government during the 1950s. c) The use of marshall law by Congress to prevent communism. d) The strategy used by companies to promote consumerism during the 1950s. 11) How did Consumerism change the American society during the 1950s? a) Americans began to spend less money in fear of the power companies had. b) Connsumerism fueld fear of Sputnik I. c) Consumerism had no effect d) The success and wealth of an individual quickly became equated with the material goods they owned. 12) In what way did the rise of car culture in the 1950s change society? a) Car culture allowed indivudals to move to areas known as "suburbs" while maintaining jobs in the city. b) Everyone conformed to buying the same car and model c) Americans refused to drive their cars because gas was so expensive. d) Car culture fueled the use of drugs by teenagers. 13) Who were Beatniks? a) Individuals who followed a movement intended to reject the conformity of the U.S. during the 1950s and promote nonconformity. b) Individuals who followed a movement rejecting the "American Dream" during the 1950s through nonconformity. c) Americans who were accused of being communist spies. d) All of the above 14) What was the House of Un-American Activities Committee (H.U.A.C) a) The first group to be charged with espionage for the Soviet Union. b) The group responsible for building the first suburbs. c) Americans who resented Senator Joesph McCarthy. d) A committee in the U.S. government that investigated citizens, public employees, and organizations for communist ties. 15) Why did Rock and Roll music appeal to teenagers during the 1950s? a) Rock and Roll music was really slow and pleased teenagers' parents. b) Rock and Roll music promoted communism which was really appealing to teenagers. c) Rock and Roll music had a fast tempo for dancing and lyrics that expressed nonconformity to the typical "American Dream". d) Rock and Roll music was played at church on Sundays. 16) Which individual(s) became famous through the Rock and Roll Movement in the 1950s? a) Madonna and Run-DMC b) Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington c) Little Richard and Elvis Presley d) KISS and Guns N Roses 17) Which actor from the film industry appealed to teenagers for his "lack-of-interest" attitude toward conformity during the 1950s? a) James Dean b) Harry Truman c) William Levitt d) Richard Nixon 18) What were structures Americans built as a precaution against nuclear fallout? a) Televisions b) Fallout Shelters c) Fences d) Suburbs 19) How did advertisements begin to change during the 1950s? a) TV ads declined sharply throughout the 1950s. b) TVs blocked the use of commercials. c) Companies began to use commercials as a way to display their products being used in in the typical "American Dream" d) None of the Above

1950s Culture in the U.S. Review




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