1) A flat piece of land, next to the sea, with grains: a) Sandy beach b) Rocky beach 2) A group of mountainous reliefs that are differentiated from the relief in which they are situated a) Volcano b) Massif c) Cliffs 3) Portion of land with different structural forms, next to the seacoast a) Sandy beach b) Rocky beach 4) Name the different massifs we have in Tenerife a) Massif of Famara and Los Ajaches b) Massif of Tamabadaba, Güigüí e Inagua-Pajonales; c) Massif of Adeje, Teno and Anaga 5) Types of volcanoes a) valley b) Pyroclastic cone, El Chinyero-Stratovolcano: El Teide-Caldera, Caldera de las Cañadas del Teide-Hydromagmatic, Montaña Pelada c) cliffs: Acantilados 6) which of these is an underwater volcano? a) Pyroclastic cone b) Stratovolcano c) Caldera d) Hydromagmatic 7) Flat land of lower level than the surrounding land (a depression in the earth's surface) a) caldera b) valley c) sandy beach 8) The lava inside this volcano is highly viscous and cools and hardens before it can get very far. a) Stratovolcano b) Caldera c) Pyroclast cone





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