1) They _____________ cake. a) are eating b) are making c) are taking d) are washing 2) What's this? a) band b) cake c) wedding 3) What ______________? I am dancing. a) do you do b) are you doing c) is you do 4) What is she doing? She ___________ photos. a) is eating b) is taking c) is washing d) wearing 5) Look at the band. They are __________. a) sleeping b) talking c) playing music d) reading 6) What's the time? a) It's quarter to six. b) It's six o'clock. c) It's half past six d) It's quarter past six. 7) What's the time? a) It's half past one. b) It's half past two. c) It's quarter past one. 8) What's he wearing? a) skirt b) gloves c) jeans d) scarf 9) What's the weather like? a) It's snowing. b) It's sunny. c) It's windy. d) It's raining. 10) Koja rec ne pripada nizu? a) bride b) guests c) gloves d) invitation 11) Koja rec ne pripada nizu? a) socks b) skirt c) cake d) boots 12) It's quarter to eleven. a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) 4 13) Koja se slova javljaju u reci sa slike? a) u_e b) i_e c) a_e d) o_e 14) Is he eating? a) Yes, he is. b) No, he isn't. c) No, he is. d) Yes, she is. 15) Are they talking? a) No, they aren't. b) Yes, they do. c) Yes, they are.




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