True: Independent variable goes on X-axis, 109.3 g is quantitative data, graduated cylinder measures volume, solids have a definite shape, Compounds can be separated, Water is a compound, NaCl is a pure substance, chromatography separates mixtures, 0.002 has 1 sig fig, "g" is a unit of mass, g/ml is a unit of density, 3.00 x 10 2  is equal to 300, 3.50 has 3 sig figs, milk souring is a chemical change, black ink is a mixture of different inks, liquids have a definite volume, density is an intensive property, heat always travels from high to low temp, density is the ratio of mass to volume, weight changes due to gravitational changes, False: Dependent Variable goes on X-axis, Qualitative data is not useful, liquid has a definite shape, gases have a definite volume, Elements can be broken down chemically, Iron is a compound, Distillation separates using a chemical process, Filtering is a chemical process, 0.020 has 1 sig fig, "ml" is a unit of density, "J' is a unit of specific heat, 4.5 x 10 -1 is equal to 45, 48.990 has 4 sig figs, alcohol evaporating is a chemical change, black ink is a pure substance, gases have a definite shape and volume, mass is an intensive property, solutions are pure substances, H2 is a compound, mass and weight are the same thing,




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