1) If it _____________, the football match will be cancelled. a) rain b) rains c) will rain 2) I _____________ to the party if Connie comes with me. a) go b) goes c) will go 3) If you don´t drive carefully, you ____________ an accident. a) have b) has c) will have 4) If Paul passes his exams, his father ____________ him a car. a) buy b) buys c) will buy 5) If you _________ less chocolate, you will feel better. a) eat b) eats c) will eat 6) They will go to the party if she ___________ them. a) invite b) invites c) will invite 7) If I ______ cold, I will wear a coat. a) am b) is c) will be 8) If you ______ soon, you will miss the bus. a) don´t get up b) doesn´t get up c) will get up 9) She _________ shopping if she has time. a) go b) goes c) will go 10) If it _______ sunny, we will go to the park. a) are b) is c) will be




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