atmosphere - mass of air surrounding the earth, weather - describes the condition of the outdoors, such as temperature, cloud cover, wind speed, and rainfall, climate - the set of weather conditions that prevail in a region year after year, cloud cover - a mass of cloud covering all or most of the sky, meteorologist - a weather forecaster, temperature - how hot or cold something is, wind speed - measurement of how fast the air is moving, wind - moving air, humidity - the amount of water vapor in the air, rain gauge - instrument used to measure the amount of rain that fell, wind vane - an instrument that shows wind direction, anemometer - measures wind speed, weather map - maps that show what the weather will be like in a certain area for the day and for the coming days, wind sock - used to tell wind speed and the direction of the wind, forecast - predicting the conditions of the atmosphere for a given location and time, temperate - moderate, mild; not extreme, data - pieces of information, climatologist - study climate over long periods of time and analyze the history of weather patterns,

Weather and Climate Vocabulary


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