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1) Who wrote the "Iliad" and the "Odyssey"? a) my teacher b) Homer c) a Greek soldier d) a Trojan prince e) Socrates 2) What did Eris throw into the wedding reception in order to stir commotion? a) a golden apple b) a banana c) an invitation d) a beautiful princess 3) What words was the apple inscribed with? a) For the smartest. b) For Paris. c) For Zeus d) For the most beautiful woman. 4) Who did Paris decide to reward the apple to? a) Pallas Athena b) Aphrodite c) Hera 5) What is the name of the woman who is said to have "started" the Trojan war? a) Yasmine b) Penelope c) Helen d) Evelyn 6) Who was Helen married to before Paris? a) King Agamemnon b) King Menelaus c) Achilles d) Zeus 7) Who came up with the idea of the Trojan Horse? a) Achilles b) Menelaus c) Agamemnon d) Odysseus 8) What was offered as an alleged peace offering in the Trojan War? a) a pile of gold b) a trophy c) a wooden horse d) a white handkerchief 9) Nowadays hackers still use a Trojan horse or Trojan. It is a ... a) name for a wooden horse. b) a malicious computer program. c) a type of dance.


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