1) We all sang a song to Jen. We gave her a gift. We made her a cake. You can guess that..... a) It was Jen's birthday. b) It was Jen's first day of school c) Jen was sick. 2) Bert was at the zoo. He saw an animal with great big ears. It also had a nose like a hose. It was .... a) a lion b) a snake c) an elephant 3) The kids had a great day. They saw people riding bikes in the air. They saw clowns. You can guess the kids were at ___. a) school b) the circus c) the store 4) Jim saw apple pie. He ate one piece. Then he ate another. You can guess ___. a) the pie was bad. b) the pie was good. c) the pie was big. 5) Donna had to go out with her mom. She put on her jacket. Then she ran to the kitchen for a banana. You can guess ___. a) Donna was tired. b) Donna was hungry. c) Donna was sick. 6) Aunt Sally dug in the dirt. She planted some flowers. She watered them. You can guess that Aunt Sally is working in ___. a) her garden. b) bedroom. c) her school. 7) The monkeys swung in the trees. The birds flew in the trees. The tigers walked across a log. You can guess that these animals ____ a) are in my bakckyard. b) in the jungle. c) in the zoo. 8) The weather is getting cool. The leaves are changing color. The geese are flying south. What time of year is it? a) autumn b) spring c) summer 9) Sam got up late this morning. Now it was ten o'clock in the morning and his stomach was rumbling. He looked longingly at his lunch box on the shelf. You can guess that Sam _______. a) ate pizza for dinner. b) had a hearty breakfast.  c) didn't have breakfast. 10) Suzie told her friends about the movie she watched last night. She rubbed her eyes. Then she yawned deeply. Later, she had a hard time concentrating in class. You can guess that _______. a) Suzie got a good night's sleep. b) Suzie didn't get enough sleep last night. c) Suzie was sick.



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