1) Which word has a digraph? a) cat b) fox c) fish d) fox e) dog f) hen 2) Which word has a bonus letter? a) boxes b) ham c) drum d) mess e) quiz f) cob 3) Which word has a buddy letter? a) quit b) chick c) chill d) jam e) fuss f) fall 4) Which word has a welded sound? a) quack b) bill c) kiss d) ran e) tank f) sell 5) Which word contains a blend? a) tell b) call c) ring d) long e) quill f) stick 6) Which word is a nonsense word? a) past b) fank c) stall d) fizz e) bus f) clam 7) Which sentence is talking about someone getting ready for a concert? a) Your class must get a flag. b) Ed will try to win at golf. c) I held my pup as he got a shot. d) Where did Jan get that lamp? e) We should have a test on the math facts. f) Tom sets up a drum for his band.

Wilson concepts 1.3-2.2



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