Mitochondria - Gives the cell energy through cellular respiration, Nucleus - Contains the DNA and RNA of the cell, Cytoplasm - jelly like substance. Holds organelles in place, Function - what it does, the role it plays, the job it performs, organelle - tiny organ like structures in the cytoplasm of the cell that carries out cell activities, cell membrane - thin, flexible, porous, semi-permeable. Controls what goes into and out of the cell, lysosome - a bag-like oval shaped structure that breaks down unneeded material or trash, Vacuole - sac-like or bag like structure (many in animals cells, 1 large in plant cells). Stores water, food, waste, Cell Wall - in plants cells to offer support and protection, Cholorplasts - in plant cells. Performs photosynthesis to make glucose (food), Endoplasmic Reticulum - Helps move proteins around IN the cell, Golgi Body - Helps package proteins and move them OUT of the cell, Ribosome - Makes (synthesizes) proteins,





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