Hello. How are you?, The plasure is mine., Hello, How is it going?, How many sounds does each Spanish vowel have?, Good morning, Mrs Ramos., Which letter in Spanish can have a K or S sound?, What is the only sound is Spanish that does not ocur in English?, Good night, Mr Londoño. See you later., Hello, What is your name(familiar)?, Le me introduce you to Rogue.(familiar), Let me introduce you to Mrs Arango., My name is Juan Carlos. What is your name?(formal), Very well. And you?(formal), Who is he/she? She is Mrs. Smith/ He is Jorge., I am from Caracas-Venezuela, What is her name? Her name is..., What is your name(familiar)? My name is...La chica, SHe is Consuelo., Nice to meet you. Likewise., Delighted. My name is El chico., Hello Rodrigo. Bye(Italian expression), I am Rosa. See you later., My name is not (Not is) Arturo. My name is Andres., How are you?(familiar). So-so. And you? (familiar), What's up Juan? , How are you Mrs. Smith?, Mr. Ortega, let me introduce you to Ana Maria., How is it going?. How are you? - Regular. Thank you, The LL in Spanish is pronounced like what lettere?, What is your name? (formal) Are you from El salvador?, Where are you from?(familiar) , I am from Santiago de Chile- Chile., I am from Estados Unidos de America., In Latin Countries you will pronounce a Z like what letter in English?, They are from Asunción - Paraguay., Where are you from (formal)? I am from Quito- Ecuador., Is Pablo from Costa Rica?  Yes, he is from San José., Are you from España? Yes, I am from Madrid., Is she from Guatemala? No, she is not. She is from Buenos Aires-Argentina., Are they from Bogotá- Colombia?, Are all of you from Bolivia? Yes, we are from Sucre., Is he from Panamá? Yes, he is from la Ciudad de Panamá., What is your phone number(familiar)?, My phone number is three three seven nine eight eight six six five, What is your phone number (formal)?, Where is she from? She is from Lima-Perú, ¿De dónde es Josefa? Josefa es de Managua-Nicaragua, Where are you from(formal)? I am from Tegucigalpa-Honduras, Is Nicolas from la Habana?, Yes, he is from la Habana-Cuba., Is Mr. Gutierrez from Perú? No, Mr. Gutierrez is from San Juan Puerto Rico..




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