Stamp Act of 1765 - Tax on paper goods that triggered riots and protests in the colonies, Declaratory Act of 1766 - Official statement by Parliament asserting the right to tax the colonies , Townshend Acts of 1767 - Taxes on glass, lead, paint, and tea., Boston Massacre - The killing of 5 Bostonians that increased the anger of many colonists, Tea Act of 1773 - A law allowing the British East India Company's import tea duty-free, which would force colonists to pay a tax on tea., Boston Tea Party of 1774 - An act of civil disobedience in which colonists dressed as Mohawk Indians and destroyed thousands of pounds of tea., Intolerable Acts of 1774 - A series of laws that closed the Port of Boston, required colonists to quarter troops, and took away Massachusetts right of self-government, among other punishments., Lexington and Concord 1775 - The sites of the first battles of the Revolutionary War, Committees of Correspondence - Groups of citizens who organized in the colonies to share information about resistance to British acts, Sons of Liberty - An organization of patriots who actively resisted British "tyranny." They planned and executed the Boston Tea Party., Proclamation of 1763 - A law passed by Parliament that banned settlement west of the Appalachians, French and Indian War - Conflict brought on by disputed control over the Ohio River Valley.,

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