absolutelocation - the exact position of a place on earth, usually expressed in latitude and longitude, agriculture - farming, including growing crops and raising livestock, civilization - a society with cities, a central government, job specialization, social classes and a writing system, climate - average weather pattern of an area over time, culturalregion - an area where people share a history, language, etc., diffusion - process of the spread of an idea or religion from one place to another, domestication - the taming of animals for human use, such as work or food, equator - line of latitude that divides the earth in half, historicalmap - tool to discover where historical events occurred, irrigation - a method of directing water to wear you want for the purpose of growing crops, latitude - horizontal lines that run around the earth, longitude - lines that run up and down (north and south) the earth, naturalbarriers - physical obstacles that make it hard to travel from one region to another, physicalmap - a tool to learn where physical features are around the earth, politicalmap - a map you would use to see country borders, primarysource - an example of this would be an eyewitness to an event, secondary source - an example of this would be a historical textbook, surplus - having more of an item than you need, relativelocation - saying to someone, "Rapid Run is across from the firestation", modify - Changing the environment to make it easier to survive,





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