CHROMATOGRAPHY - A mixture is separated when one component that is attracted to a solvent travels up the paper while substances that are less attracted do not travel as far., BOILING POINT - The temperature at which all liquid particles in a sample have enough energy to move fast enough to escape the rest of the samples and turn into a gas., FILTRATE - The liquid that passes through the filter paper into the container below., RECRYSTALLIZATION - The solute of a solution forms solid crystals as the solvent boils or evaporates., CENTRIFUGATION - The mixture separates into more dense and less dense layers as the tube spins around in a machine., DECANTATION - Liquid is carefully poured off or drained out of a mixture while keeping other layers or solids in the original container., DISTILLATION - A mixture is separated when one substance boils, escapes, condenses, and is collected in a new container., MAGNETISM - Components that are magnetic will be attracted to a magnet and pulled away from other nonmagnetic substances., CONDENSER TUBE - During distillation, gases cool and turn back into a liquid as they pass through this., FILTRATION - Particles that are dissolved will be small enough to pass through the pores of filter paper while substances that are large will get trapped on top.,




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