Осмислите боља предавања брже
en suite - a bathroom joined onto a bedroom, conservatory - a room with glass walls and roof where plants are grown, denounce - to express a strong disapproval of something or someone, prompt - to make people do or say something as a reaction, consent - permission to do something, enthuse - talk about something in a very interested or excited way, lounge - a public room (ina hotel, airport, etc) used by many people to relax, infertility - when someone is unable to have a baby, gerontology - the scientific study of old age and its effects on the body, intoxicating - a drink with this quality can make you drunk,

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Посетите десктоп верзију нашег сајта како бисте променили теме или опције, поставили задатак или направили своју активност.

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