1961 - They year the Berlin Wall was erected., 1989 - They year the Berlin Wall came down., Nov. 9 - The date the Berlin Wall fell, Oct. 3 - Date the Day of German Unity is celebrated, 30 years - Length of time since Germany was reunited, Helmut Kohl - Chancellor of W. Germany when reunification took place, Ossi - Nickname for Germans from the east, Wessi - Nickname for Germans from the west, Berlin - Capital of Germany Today, Bonn - Capital of former West Germany, Deutsche demokratische Republik (German Democratic Republic) - Official name of former East Germany, Bundesrepublik Deutschland (Federal Republic of Germany) - Official name of former West Germany, die Wende - term Germans use to refer to the time when the Berlin wall fell and the 2 Germany's began to reunite, Frank Walter Steinmeier - Germany's current president, Angela Merkel - Germany's current Chancellor,





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