1) How many servings per container? a) 1 cup b) 3/4 cup c) 1 serving d) 14 servings e) 100 calories f) 200 calories 2) How many calories from fat? a) 140 calories b) 70 calories c) 28 g d) 11 chips e) 8 grams of fat f) 1 cup 3) What %DV do you get in sodium from eating this can of soup? a) 35% b) 840 mg c) 125 mL d) 2% e) 4% f) 10% 4) How many grams of fat will you obtain if you eat one serving of these chips? a) 120 cal b) 2 g c) 8% d) 30g e) 3g f) 5% 5) If you eat TWO serving of peanut butter (4Tbsp) how many grams of protein would you have consumed? a) 12 g b) 24 g c) 14 g d) 7 g e) 2 g f) 4 g 6) What is the primary ingredient in this food product? a) Riboflavin b) Sugar c) High Fructose Corn Syrup d) Enriched Flour e) Salt f) Chocolate Chips 7) If a student eats the entire bag of fritos, how many calories did they consume? a) 160 b) 320 c) 480 d) 90 e) 180 f) 270 8) Nutella would be considered a nutrient dense food a) True b) False 9) Pepsi would be considered an empty calorie food a) True b) False 10) Which color of nutrients should be limited in our diet? a) Green b) Yellow c) Blue d) Purple 11) What color of nutrients do we want to be sure we get the most of in our diets? a) Green b) Yellow c) Blue d) Purple 12) Nutrition labels are based on a 2,000 calorie diet a) True b) False 13) What does the highlighted purple section refer to on a food label? a) Calorie Intake b) % Daily value for each nutrient c) Grams of Fiber d) Grams of fat e) Cholesterol f) Sodium 14) This food product would be considered high in a) Fiber & Iron b) Fat & Calcium  c) Carbohydrates & Cholesterol d) Calcium & Sodium 15) This food would be considered low in a) Sodium b) Fat c) Cholesterol d) Sugar e) Calcium f) Fiber





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