MITOSIS: daughter cells are identical to the parent cell, produces clones, 2 daughter cells are produced, skin cells reproduce by..., chromosome number is maintained, starts 2n, ends 2n, maintains genetic continuity (same), starts 46, ends 46, starts diploid, ends diploid, associated with growth, one cycle of cell division, keeps the chromosome number the same, asexual cell divison, wounds heal by..., , , MEIOSIS: produces gametes, daughter cells are NOT identical to the parent cell, sexual cell division, starts 2n, ends n, starts 46, ends 23, two rounds of cell division, starts diploid, ends haploid, associated with sex cells, chromosome number is reduced by half, 4 daughter cells are produced, causes genetic diversity, reduction- division occurs, daughter cells are different than the parent cell, associated with sperm and egg, , ,





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