Newton's First Law: Law of Inertia, Blood rushes from your head to your feet when quickly stopping on an elevator., Falling forward in a train that is slowing down quickly, A crash test dummy flies through the windshield in a collision, An object at rest will stay at rest until acted on by an unbalanced force, Newton's Second Law: Force = Mass x Acceleration, A soccer ball accelerates faster than a bowling ball when kicked., A large truck takes longer to slow down than a car , A small rock skips a pond faster than a large rock, Newton's Third Law: Law of Equal and Opposite Reactions, A teacher sitting in her rolling chair pushes against the wall and moves in the opposite direction., Paddling a canoe to make the boat move , A model rocket flies upwards as the engine combusts and creates a force towards the Earth., Acceleration: A change in direction and/or speed, Turning a corner but not speeding up, A dog walks around a gate, A car slows down, A runner speeds up, Balanced Forces: Does not cause a change in motion, , , Unbalanced Forces: Causes a change in motion, , ,

Newton's Laws (2020-2021)



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