exploit - To take advantage of, facilitate - to make easier, fastidious - fussy, meticulous, fleeting - lasting for a very short time, florid - highly colored, showy, forbearance - pateince, restraint, fortitude - courage; mental toughness, fortuitous - something good that happens by chance, foster - to care for, fraught - causing anxiety or stress, frugal - simple, plain and costing little, gambol - to skip about in play, generate - bring into existence, glaring - extremely obvious or conspicuous, grueling - very difficult or exhausting, hackneyed - lacking freshness or originality; cliched, hamper - to hinder or prevent, hardship - severe suffering or deprivation, haughty - arrogant; thinking you're better than others, hedonist - someone who pursues pleasure above all else, homogeneous - of the same kind; alike; uniform, hurtle - moving recklessly at great speed, hyperbole - exagarration used for effect, immerse - to cover something completely, imminent - about to happen, impervious - unaffected; unfeeling; unbreakable, incendiary - causes fire or other trouble, inclined - positive about an action, incompetent - unskilled; unable to do something, infer - to figure something out by evidence, insuperable - unable to be overcome, integrate - to combine one thing with another to make a whole, Integrity - honesty, high moral standards, intuition - a 'gut feeling'; something known through emotion, Invective - an attack using strong, abusive language., irony - when the exact opposite of what's expected happens, keen - wise, able to see the truth or best way, lachrymous - given to tears or weeping, lithe - nimble and flexible, malleable - capable of being shaped or bent,





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