1. Christian missionaries protected natives, often at the cost of the native ____. 2. ____ had both positive and negative effects on on Native Americans. 3. Native Americans would have been better prepared for the Columbian Exchange if they had immunity to ____ 4. The Atlantic slave trade involved enslaved ____ who were forced to work on sugarcane plantations. 5. Famine was reduced by ____ brought to Europe during the Columbian Exchange. 6. During the first 100 years of the Columbian Exchange, ____ was the continent that benefitted the most.7. ____, the main spoken language spoken in South America is an example of the long lasting effects of the Columbian Exchange. 8. The Inca culture continues to the present day with millions of people that still speak the ____ language. 9. A story about a ____ would most likely be found on a Mayan stele. 10. The function of a Mayan step pyramid is similar to a ____. 11. A ____ would probably find an unusual alignment of planets most interesting.12. The various groups of the Aztec empire all spoke the ____. 13. The Aztecs sacrificed ____ to appease their gods. 14. The Aztecs included conquered people in their empire while the conquistadors ____ they conquered. 15. The Spanish had ____ to smallpox while the Aztecs did not. 16. The ____ had a complex social and religious system.17. The ____ built an extensive road system for travel. 18 By the early 1500's the Incas had become the dominate indigenous people of the ____. 19. The ____ developed skills in construction, calendars, and mathematics. 20. The Maya lived in present day ____.

Impact of Ancient Cultures Test Review





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