1) The government agency that insures customer deposits if a bank fails a) FDIC b) NIRA c) AAA 2) New Deal agency that promoted economic recovery by regulating production, prices, and wages a) PWA b) CCC c) NIRA 3) FDR's Wife and New Deal supporter. Was a great supporter of civil rights . She also worked for better conditions for working women a) Eleanor Roosevelt b) Francis Perkins c) Dorothea Lange 4) Roman Catholic priest who used popular radio sermons to criticize Roosevelt a) Francis Townsend b) Huey Long c) Charles Coughlin 5) American novelist who wrote "The Grapes of Wrath". (1939) A story of Dustbowl victims who travel to California to look for a better life. a) John Steinbeck b) Dorothea Lange c) Francis Townsend 6) Putting money into consumers hands so they would spend more to increase demand for products and hire more workers a) Fireside chats b) Share the wealth c) Priming the pump 7) Region of the Great Plains that experienced a 10 year drought and environmental disaster in the 1930s a) Dust Bowl b) Tennessee Valley Authority c) Hooverville 8) Dividing the powers of government among the executive, legislative, and judicial branches a) checks and balances b) separation of powers c) popular sovereignty 9) Gave farmers money to reduce crop size to reduce production and bring up the value of crops a) Agriculture Adjustment Act (AAA) b) Social Securities Act (SSA) c) Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) 10) Senator who preached "share the wealth", involving taking money from the rich so that regular Americans could have their basic needs met. a) Father Charles Coughlin b) Huey Long c) Francis Townsend 11) Roosevelt's Secretary of Labor and first woman cabinet member in U.S. history. a) Francis Perkins b) Eleanor Roosevelt c) Dorothea Lange 12) Roosevelt's program for economic improvement during the Great Depression a) Square Deal b) Share the Wealth c) New Deal 13) Depression shantytowns, named after the president whom many blamed for their financial distress a) Whovilles b) Hoovervilles c) Roosevilles 14) American photographer who recorded the Great Depression by taking pictures of the unemployed and rural poor. a) John Steinbeck b) Dorothea Lange c) Francis Perkins 15) A system that allows each branch of government to limit the powers of the other branches in order to prevent abuse of power a) popular sovereignty b) separation of powers c) checks and balances 16) Monitors the stock market and enforces laws regulating the sale of stocks and bonds a) Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) b) FDIC c) Social Security Act




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