1) Which best describes a refugee? a) person who is forced to flee their country for safety b) a person who moves to another country c) a person who relocates to a different city 2) What is population? a) the average amount of people in a square mile b) the total amount of people in an area c) describes what the area is like 3) These are things that attract people to move to a new place. a) push factor b) pull factor c) immigration 4) The process of relocating to a new place is called... a) immigration b) migration c) population 5) These are things that force people to leave their country. a) push factor b) pull factor 6) This word refers to the countryside or farmland a) urban b) rural c) migration 7) This word means city. a) rural b) suburban c) urban 8) a person who leaves their home country to settle into another is called... a) immigrant b) population c) habitable 9) This type of map shows the amount of people in an area. a) population density b) political map c) physical map





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