1. The ____ provides a shortcut for shipping between the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. 2. Most of the Amazon Rainforest is contained in the country of ____. 3. What direction is the Caribbean Sea from the continent of South America? ____ 4. After Columbus’ voyages, the ____ had a dramatic impact on later societies. 5. Lack of immunity to European ____ to the death of thousands of Native Americans. 6. The origin of the Mestizos can be traced to the marriage and offspring of Native people and the ____. 7. The ____ built special irrigation canals in the Andes Mountains to bring water to their crops. 8. A government that is led by a military group that takes over a country by force is called a ____ 9. In the rain forest region of South America, farmers use a technique called ____ to clear land for agriculture. 10. Brazil is the world’s number one exporter of many ____ products. 11. The ____ language is the dominant language spoken in Brazil. 12. The most popular sport in Latin America is ____. 13. The two factors that combine to make the Atacama Desert the driest place on earth are ocean currents and the ____ 14. The Incas could grow crops on steep mountain sides by using a farming method called ____. 15. The construction and operation of the Panama Canal would be considered an immigration ____ factor because of the increase of trade and jobs. 16. When a country seizes and controls companies and businesses, it is participating in a form of government known as ____ . 17. Tourism is an example of a ____ type of industry. 18. Because so much of Latin America was settled by the Spanish, the largest religion in the region is ____. 19. A written constitution and separation of government powers are the hallmark of a ____ government.





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